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Martial Arts Kickboxing & Karate Manchester, Chorlton & Didsbury

Life Changing Martial Arts - Try Us Now for FREE and See the Difference in YOU!

Be Fitter - Be Safer - Be Slimmer and Have a Great Time!

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Our Martial Arts Programs based in Manchester, Chorlton and Didsbury will turn you from ‘Couch Potato’ to ‘Hot Potato’ from ‘Fearful’ to ‘Fearless’, from ‘Fat’ to ‘Super Fit’. You’ll lose pounds of unwanted, unsightly fat and build solid sleek firm, lean muscle. Your confidence will soar; as will your fitness, You'll be stronger and SAFER, almost overnight. You’ll see an amazing difference in just a few short weeks as those unwanted pounds are replaced with a NEW super slim, power packed YOU.

A Personal Welcome from Chief Instructor Master Edwards

Welcome to Martial Arts Manchester; chorlton and Didsbury, devoted to martial arts and life excellence: Combat training at its best. Whether you lean towards mixed martial arts, karate, kung fu, street judo, judo, nunchaku, bo staff, or kickboxing, With martial arts training in my schools I know that you’ll never feel safer and you’ll never be fitter. As you navigate around the site you’ll see why our schools are the best in the world for helping you to get fit and fearless – fast!

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"I've made lots of friends at Martial Arts Manchester, am much fitter " Mandy

You'll see why the "average" man or woman can benefit so much from our programs and you'll see why our schools are filled with people just like you; from doctors, teachers and salespeople to housewives, house-husbands & students, to builders, office workers and their children of all ages. You'll be amazed at how our schools are helping people just like you to change their lives for the better all over the country when you join us.

"as its educational and a great way to learn discipline and self defence."Cheryl

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"I would definitely recommend the Martial Arts Manchester school to my friends." John

I'm inviting you to step up to the challenge and fulfilment that will be yours with our martial arts training - It's all here waiting for you NOW. I know some of you must still have doubts about whether to enrol: you're sitting there thinking this can't be for real so I'm going to give you a painless way to let us prove it.

"I like most the friendly atmosphere & it really is fun at Martial Arts Manchester!!" Caroline

To demonstrate how absolutely convinced I am that Martail Arts Manchester is exactly what you are looking for, I'm giving you a FREE Trial Membership. No Risk - No Pressure and No Cost. I'll look forward to meeting a slimmer, fitter unstoppable YOU very soon.

Master Edwards

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