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In this day and age can any woman, man or child underestimate the value of self-defence? The fantastic health value of any fitness programme is now overshadowed by the great necessity to enhance the ability to protect ourselves and those of our loved ones.

The Great Britain martial arts academy has put together a programme that will cater for improving health while giving the student a good grounding in self defence. The improvement of your self defence skills will boost confidence and a fun environment makes for an enjoyable experience. You will have fun while losing weight.

The ladies fitness and self defence classes will be teaching beginner techniques to help you not only feel safer, but to BE safer!

You will learn:

· How to avoid dangerous situations
· What to do if you encounter dangerous situations
· What to do after you encounter a dangerous situation
· Personal responsibility
· Determination
· Self-reliance
· Achievement
· Goal setting
· Confidence

Chief Instructor Mandy Gott

She was 3 months pregnant in this


Ladies Kickboxing will be teaching practical kickboxing. This is a fantastic fitness programme where you will be taught all the skills of kickboxing in a non-contact environment with fully qualified full time instructors.

Ladies only Kickboxing and Self Defence Classes For Manchester

01298 74038


Don't Take Our Word For It Listen To Our Students

My son and I really enjoy our lessons. I have become increasingly flexible and Liam (age 7) has grown
in confidence. Lynn Hyland


Milo (age 6) really enjoys his lessons and is always pleased when he is able to master new moves or drills. Although a confident boy before, I am sure the classes have increased his confidence overall. He is also becoming physically better and fitter. Janet Waters


My kids (Cassie age 12 and Beth age 7) joined the academy when it first opened and when the ladies class started up not long after, I thought it would be an ideal time to start myself. Not only do I have a shared interest with my children but I am doing a regular exercise program which has enabled me to lose weight and gain confidence. Joanne Charles


It has given me an interest and I have met new friends. Cassie Charles (age 12)


Kickboxing is great fun, its challenging and sometimes you really have to push yourself to meet your goals. The harder you work at it the better you feel, your skill, fitness, concentration and figure all improve.
Karen Heathcote


A fantastic Family activity! Haven't been so fit for years. I know lots of new people and consider them friends.
Becky Simpson


I find Martial arts very enjoyable, as it has helped my fitness and also boosted my self- esteem. The training syllabus is carried out in a friendly no pressure atmosphere, which I think is beneficial to the students' progression.
Gary Sidden


Both my children (Jack age 9, Ursula age 11) started Martial arts Sept 2002. In the last year I've noticed not only improvement in their overall fitness but their increased confidence, poise and self esteem have been a testament to Wayne + Mandy's encouragement and professionalism.
Peter Taylor


  I enjoy Martial arts . I have gained power, confidence, friends, focus and determination in a safe friendly atmosphere. And the weight loss is just a plus.
Vicky Mycock


Thoroughly enjoyable way of keeping fit, increasing flexibility, toning up and a great way to meet new friends.
Louise Davis


Both Jamie and Charlie Hodgkinson thoroughly enjoy karate. They really look forward to doing it. They are gaining in confidence, learning a new discipline and also respect, especially the staff at the academy. M Hodgkinson


Kickboxing has improved my fitness and flexibility and my confidence. I have more friends and the social events are very entertaining.
C Baker

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